Stephen C. Confer

                                Director   of   Photography


“Happy Hour”    13 Episodes     Fox/WB
“Misconceptions Fox”    9   Episodes      Fox 
“Andy Richter Controls the Universe”    9  Episodes    Fox/Paramount
“Arliss”    74 Episodes      Budapest Films/HBO  
“Fudge”   11  Episodes     Amblin/Universal/ABC   
“Black Tie Affair”    13  Episodes     Brillstein/Grey/NBC
“The Wonder Years”    25 Episodes     New World/ABC
“Ferris Bueller”    13 Episodes      Paramount/NBC
“The Slap Maxwell Story”     13 Episodes      Brillstein/Grey/ABC
“Crimes of the Century”      6  Episodes      Ohlmeyer Communications/NBC
“Women of the World”        7  Episodes      Sandra Carter Prods/CBS
“Fast Copy”     4  Episodes     Ohlmeyer Communications/NBC
“Comeback”    13 Episodes    American International Television


“Happy Hour”  ½ hr  Fox/WB       
“The Mikes”  ½ hr  FX  Network
“Culture Clash”  ½ hr  Showtime
“Dirtbags”  ½ hr  Fox
“Peep Show”  ½ hr  Carsey Warner
“Billy Perdieu”  1 hr  Imagine Ent/HBO
“Hollywood Dog”  ½ hr  Fox
“Our Planet Tonight”  1 hr  Zucker Brothers/NBC


“Culture Clash the Movie”   Director-  Emilio Estevez                   
“A Tale of Two Buds”  Director- Carl Goldstein
“Searching for Richard”  Director- Al Pacino
“Java Heads”   Director- Jon Scheide
“Can’t Buy Me Love”  Apollo Films
“World Gone Wild”   2nd Unit   Apollo Films
“Hail Hail Rock n Roll”  2nd Unit   Director- Taylor Hackford
“Monster in the Closet”  2nd Unit   Closet Productions


“Frankenstein-the College Years”    FOX (mow)   Director- Tom Shadyac
“Heroes of the Storm”    NBC (mow)   Director- Don Ohlmeyer     
“Diary of a Teenage Shoplifter”   CBS (mow)    Director- Bill D’Angelo 
“The Gentle Tiger”    CBS (mow)    Grasso Jacobson Prod.


“At the Hands of Another”     Feature Short   Director- Richard Sarafian Jr.
“Murder She Wrote”     Location Unit-Moscow   Momentum Films
“Sunday Night Disney Hour” w/Martin Mull   New Wave Productions
“America Undercover”     1 hr. Documentary   HBO
“American Short Story”  w/Henry Fonda    PBS
“The Oil Kingdoms”   3-1 hr.  Documentaries    Pacific Prods/PBS
“Nova-Blindness”     90 min  Documentary Series   PBS
“Nova-The Pinks & The Blues”  1 hr. Documentary   PBS


“America’s Next Top Model” CW Promo
“Victorias Secret”  Promos
“The Weather Channel”  Promos
“Animal Planet”  Promos
“One Stop Travel”  30 sec  spots
“Orangina”  30 sec  spots
“Huffy Mountain Bikes”  30 sec  spots
“Emmys”  30 sec  spot
“Everybody Loves Raymond” CBS Promo
“Total Gym” 30/60 sec spots
“Owens Sausages”  30 sec spots
“Dallas Times Herald”  30 sec spots
“Jimmy Z Clothing”  30 sec spots
“Homer Formbys”  30 sec spots
“Gibraltar Savings” 30 sec spots
“American Heart Assoc” 30 sec spots
“Time Magazine”  60 sec spots
“Comsat”  30 sec spots
“KABC News”  30 sec spots
“Tina Turner Concert”  30 sec spot

“Desperate Housewives”  30 sec spot
“Style Network”  Promos
“Albertsons Supermarkets” 30 sec spots
“World Series”  Fox Promos
“Orthalliance”  30 sec  spots
“Dark Angel”  Fox Promos
“Seinfeld”   NBC Promos
“Friends”   NBC Promos
“Rent-a-Center”  30 sec  spots
“Victoria Jackson Cosmetics” 30 sec spot
“Guess Jeans”  30 sec spots
“Arrowhead Water”  30 sec  spots
“Checkers Hamburgers” 30 sec spots
“Armour Meats”  30 sec spots
“Rainbo Bread”  30 sec spots
“Sierra Pacific Power Co”  30 sec spots
“Mon Ami Cosmetics”  30/60 sec spots
“Grammy Awards”  CBS Promos
“David Letterman”  CBS Promos
“Beauty & the Beast” 30 sec spots